Key Benefits of Go Digital

Excellent customer experience with low cost origination, pricing for risk and management. Reach and satisfy many more customer needs. Immediate commitment to customer with qualified amounts and pricing, providing a "KNOW NOW" experience.

How does SMEBank in a Box add value?

SMEBank in a Box is total solution automating both origination and management pain points. It represents 15 years of learning automating and investment in technology to overcome these issues and make SME sector lending capable of being profitable, leading to innovation and jobs growth for SMEs.

Problem addressed by SMEBank in a Box

Globally Banks don’t fund SME sector for primarily for 2 reasons

  • High costs to originate
  • High costs to manage.

Those high costs cannot be amortized over a loan term and exceed the return from interest that can be charged to borrowers. Additionally BASEL accords require higher Bank capital held against such loans compared with residential mortgages.

The Go Digital aspects of SMEBank in a Box overcome these problems

For Banks and FinCo’s built to be globally relevant in conception and execution. Providing 3 strong risk managers all customisable to ensure quality monitoring, reporting- item by item and ensuring a decoupled IT environment for maximum bank regulatory compliance.

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